Does drinking Coffee, tea and interfere with oral health?

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tea and coffee for the poor oral health is still a discussion that often presented anddebated (read also: how to make French press coffee ).

Journal of Periodontology publishes his research, that the anti-oxidants contained in tea can help reduce inflammation and inhibiting the growth of dangerousplaques. In addition to these benefits, the journal also said that coffee contains antioxidants generic cialis reviews forum as anti cancer.

However, behind every good of tea and coffee, we should still remember the negative effects will be caused. Excessive consumption will lead to the risk of discoloration of the teeth and bad breath. "The content of tannin in both of these drinks can change the color of the outermost layer of the tooth enamel or pharmacyrx-canadiancialis, as well as other colorful beverages, carbonated beverages, such as wine, orsyrup," explained drg Natalia Ekaputri Hutting, SKG. As a result, the surface of the teeth will appear blackish or brownish colored. Stains on the teeth will be more readily formed on the tooth surface, either due to dental plaque or surface Anatomy of uneven teeth.

In addition, generally the tea and coffee will be consumed by using excessive sugar, causing sugar will easily stick in the teeth and lead to diseases of the teeth and gums. The Chief Executive of the Dental Health Foundation United Kingdom (British Dental Health), Dr Nigel Carter, saying "whenever the sugar enters your mouth, it will react with bacteria of the mouth being plak which then formed the acid and will weaken the email.

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